Clinicals - Medical History, Symptoms & Physical Examination

Version 2.2

Clinicals offers you a clear structured and systematic approach to history taking. As a medical student, its absolutely critical to get well versed with a systematic, step wise approach to history taking.This is an essential skill to acquire for any physician.

Stepwise systematic approach ranging from Introduction and Early Observation of the patient to General History, Systemic History, Symptoms' descriptions & Grading. Ask the right Questions! Get the questions for the most common complaints and narrow down your diagnosis!

Quick reference to General History, Symptomatic questionnaire and clinical relevance & Physical examination comprising

  1. Introduction
  2. Initial Data
  3. Chief Complaint
  4. History of Present Illness
  5. Past Medical History
  6. Personal & Social Profile
  7. Family History
  8. Drug History
  9. Activity & Exercise History
  10. Obstetric History
  11. Gynecological History
  1. Symptoms (From all organ systems)
  2. Clinical Questionaaire
  3. Differential Diagnosis
  4. Clinical pearls.