For All Notes Tags & References
...or just some plain text!

Simple, Smooth & Fast

Designed to be intuitive, fast yet predictable. Swipe right and left to move around.

Organize with Tags & Links

Add multiple tags, Search Wikipedia, YouTube in app. Auto fetch excerpts from Wikipedia, Vimeo, youtube, PubMed, Instagram, Twitter.

Dropbox Sync & Backup

RENOTE uses Dropbox for multi-device sync and backup of all your notes. All you have to do is link your account.

Organize with Tags

Add multiple tags to each note.

Sorting notes via tags is a breeze. Swipe-right to enter a global tags list view and select one or multiple tags to filter.

Choose whether you want notes that have either All selected tags or Atleast one from the selections.

Tap untagged to get a list of notes without any assigned tags

References right below your note

Link your notes with articles from Wikipedia or a tutorial from YouTube. RENOTE will fetch excerpts from those articles right below your note and store it locally for future reference.

Revision has never been easier
Fetch Excerpts from the articles that you link (via in-app search) or the links within your note, right below your note. No need to have a bunch of reference books around. Renote solves that problem helping you quickly refer.

Content links from the following sites are supported:
• Wikipedia

Search articles in Wikipedia, videos in YouTube and word definitions in Wordnik– all in app

Minimal and distraction free note making.

Drag Right-to-Left and reveal tags & links view.

Add multiple tags to a note. All tags are synced across if sync is enabled

Full Text Searching

TextExpander Support

Auto-Import tagged Dropbox files

Markdown Preview

Easy Rearranging Paragraphs, incase your notes are huge

Editor Font change choices

Export txt file to other apps

Import / Export to iOS 8's Document Picker

Export all notes to a zip archive All your notes will be exported in text format packed in a zipped archive. Do it and delete this app if you don't like it :|.

Usual Bulk actions like Merge, Archive, Delete

NEW– Tag Merging: Multiple tags can be merged, with all their notes linked to the new merged note